Are You Planning to Visit One of the Remotest Places India- Zanskar Valley? -

Are You Planning to Visit One of the Remotest Places India- Zanskar Valley?

Best adventures are hidden in the remotest destinations and there is no doubt that Zanskar Valley is nestled at one of the remotest locations in India. In Western Himalayas, it offers the natural beauty that one can expect.

Zanskar Valley is a paradise for adventure junkies. During summer, adventure enthusiasts raft on ferocious Zanskar River. Rafting trips across Zanskar River can be hourly or you can plan a 6nights/7 days Ladakh tour package of which you can keep one day for Zanskar only. River rafting begins near Padum and ends at Sangam, the confluence point of Indus River and Zanskar River. A closer look at the terrain will help you to measure the steepness of gradient from Padum to Sangam.

During winter, the travel enthusiasts experience trekking on frozen Zanskar River Frozen Zanskar trek, also known as Chadar Trek allures the trekkers. If you want to enjoy this trek, you should plan a 14nights/15days Ladakh tour package. Chadar also used to be old trade route for locals to get food supplies and other basic necessities. In the recent years, travellers from all across the world come to Ladakh and experience this unique trek of frozen river. The adventure that this trek beholds and ever- lasting stories associated with it add Ladakh to the bucket list of globetrotters.

Zanskar or the frozen Zanskar, the terrain is worth experiencing and is definitely one of the best kept secrets of nature. Besides Zanskar River rafting expedition and trekking, you can indulge yourself in different adventure activities. If you want to try some equally challenging treks, give a shot to Markha Valley trek. It is one of the most beautiful treks in Leh Ladakh. During winter trek, you can spot snow leopard and some other rare animals in this region. However, during summer you can spot Himalayan bears, kiangs, marmots and other mammals.

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