Dosmoche Festival In Ladakh -

Dosmoche Festival In Ladakh

Royals of Ladakh started this festival. Great enthusiasm and zeal is witnessed during Dosmoche festival, which is held in February month of every year. It is celebrated in Leh, Likir and Diskit monasteries. The verandah or the courtyard of chapels below Leh Palace reverberate with the sounds of drums and the thumping dance steps of Lamas with masks from different monasteries. They perform the sacred dance wearing the traditional colourful dresses and the masks. Dosmoche festival is a two-day long annual festival where Lamas of Takthok monastery come and prepare the complex thread crosses in order to capture the evil spirits. Lamas from Takthok monastery are the only ones that belong to Nyingmapa tradition.

The Festive Procession

Complementing the main offering, there are ten other kinks of offering of different shapes and sizes. The main offering with other kinks are carried through the main bazaar and are brought down from the major venue. Lamas, black hat dances and the locals in traditional and religious costumes make it more celebratory. Musicians and the orchestra lead the dancers bringing the streets of Leh Ladakh alive. Offerings are then brought outside the city and are burnt with great pomp to wash away all the bad spirits and protect the people and place from natural calamities or disasters. As mentioned before, Dosmoche celebrations are also held in Likir Monastery and Diskit Monastery. The festival is celebrated with the same zeal including the folk dances and the Chham.

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