Few Tips To Prepare For Leh Ladakh Bike Trip -

Few Tips To Prepare For Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

When thunder of the engines of the beasts echo amidst the world’s highest motor-able passes, it instil the spine-chilling experience to every rider. The squalling breeze caresses their faces and thus every biker feel triumphant. Trading through panoramic vistas of Ladakh, this road trip is one of the mesmerizing journeys in the bucket list of bike riders.

Ladakh is a majestic land and is cloaked in myths and legends. It is truly blessed with splendid landscapes, snow-covered mountains, placid lakes and breath-taking glimpses. The immaculate culture, remote villages and beautiful monasteries add more charm to this bike trip.

Going through the barren landscapes of Ladakh, it seems a lifetime experience for the bikers all over world. A road trip through Ladakh gives you an opportunity to explore world’s highest motor-able passes and is a dream come true for every adventurer.

Prepare Your Beast

The foremost thing to keep in mind while you decide to go on a bike trip to Ladakh is to check that your bike is properly maintained and is well kept. Check the condition of bike thoroughly like drive chain, gearbox, frame, engine, suspension, wheels, tyres, control cables, lights and electrical, brakes and everything else is in sound condition.

For a hassle free bike trip to Ladakh, get your bike serviced thoroughly. It will make sure that you do not fall quarry to superfluous situations.

Prepare Your Luggage

On your bike trip to Ladakh, always pack light and necessary items that serve your basic needs. To beat the cold in this semi-arid region, few jackets are must. Luggage should be packed in a way that it is easily carried and does not add any burden.

Carry blue tooth headset, earplugs, torch, gloves, tool-kit, physical map (as internet connectivity is too low there), battery back up, first aid kit and an extra pair of stiff shoes.

Prepare Yourself

Before taking a trip to Ladakh, make sure that your body is sound and healthy. For a delightful ride, exercise and warm up to prepare your body and build up your immunity. Bike trip to Ladakh involves long hours of riding, continuous change in temperatures and following the schedule. Prepare yourself for the hardships of Ladakh bike tour. A positive attitude is also necessary to help you in making the smart decisions.

Now you know the essentials for a bike trip to Ladakh, so, start getting ready for the lifetime trip.

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