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FAQs – Leh Ladakh Travel


Travelling with children

It is recommended not to plan your Ladakh tour with kids as they do not have similar tolerance with high altitude and difficult oxygen levels. But in case you are planning the same then you have to keep the following points in mind-

  • Ascend slowly so that there is proper acclimatization.
  • Keep your children hydrated with liquid intake and water.
  • Protect them from cold with enough amounts of warm and woolen clothes.
  • Prevent the direct exposure of sunlight.
  • Visits and stays at high altitude should be minimum.

Travelling in a group

There can be minimum 10 people in a group while traveling to Leh. However, arrangements can be altered as per the demand of the travelers.

Travelling solo

Leh Ladakh is a place for serenity so it deserves to be explored solo. However, you should take care of certain things. For any doubts ask the locals, beforehand do the thorough research and planning, be safe and consult your doctor for medical prescriptions. Above all, you should not be alone even though you are travelling solo.

Food, drink and dietary requirements

Leh is known for the different delicacies that should not be missed at any cost. Momos, Thukpas and Khambir are the popular dishes in this region. However, you would find different drinks from butter tea to sea buckthorn juice. To prevent you from high altitude sickness, liquid intake is must. But remember do not over hydrate yourself.

Safety and medical information

Trip to Leh demands physical fitness. Keep in mind that the medical facilities are not that much prevalent in remote and inaccessible areas of it. So it is recommended that you should consult your doctor beforehand trip and carry all the medicines as per the prescription.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not included in our tour package. However, it can be added on demand at an extra cost.

Visa Information

Visa information & other services related to Visa will be borne by the travelers.

Currency information

Get your currency changed with an authorized money changer as it is easily available. Get a receipt in return so that you may reconvert your money whenever you wish to.

What should I bring?

Passport, photo ID proof, regular & woolen clothes, medicines as prescribed by your doctor, sun blocks, post paid SIMs as pre-paid do not work there and exclusively the courage and the tolerance.

Financial security

Indecubo Travels assures the financial security for all the travelers and sticks to the regulations of government regarding the safety of traveler’s money.


Arrival information

Arrival information and scheduling of whole trip day wise will be intimated to all the travelers by mail and SMS.

Tipping information

There are no set rules for tipping. However, tipping should be avoided as the porters are paid their wages. Avoiding tipping makes them to learn to live on whatever they earn.

Keeping in touch with home

You are advised to be in touch with your family, friends and close friends. A phone call and a check in update can help you to do this. As mentioned earlier, pre-paid SIM do not work in this area. Get a post paid SIM. Internet connectivity is available but in remote areas distant from Leh town, you may encounter connectivity issues. But there are STD booths that are opened till 10 pm.

Accommodation and Transport

There are various options for accommodation such as camps, hotels & resorts and home stays. As per your preference you can pick the one. Getting around in Leh is easily accessible through local transportation. You may also use other modes of carriers available there such as taxis and bikes.

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