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Basically an agrarian economy, with Buddhist religion has left a deep impact on the lifestyle of the people. The social structure and family life is based on the scarce land dependence and that is why traditionally, polyandry was one of the unique features of the landscape, but is on the wane today. With a strong sense of community life has made all aspects of agriculture on individual lands a community activity.


The unique food of Ladakh is similar to the Tibetan cuisine. The most common is Thupka (noodle soup) and Tsampa (flour of roasted barley). Another dish, Skyu is typically Ladhaki with roots and heavy pasta. However, with more connection to North India, the cuisine is undergoing a change. The Gurgur tea is the most traditional aspect of the Central Asian touch that is retained. It is made from green tea, salt and butter served in monasteries all over Ladakh. The local traditional alcoholic beverage is Chang which is made from fermenting barley and served on festive occasions.



The traditional costumes of Ladakh are very intriguing with ornate headdresses and ornaments set with large turquoise, coral, amber and silver. The Perak is an essential part of the jewellery worn by married women and holds religious and spiritual significance. The Tsulmas (men) and Gonchas (women)


Yak wool pashmina and silk tangkhas are unique to this region but other than that the metalworking of Chilling is famed. Situated in the Zanskar region, Chilling village is known for the community of workers that work with copper, brass and silver, producing handcrafted hookah bases, cups, bowls, and chortens for temples and chang pots for festivities. Even today the Patttu, woollen material used for making wool for clothing is spun by women at home.

The culture of this rugged yet panoramic landscape is unique to the region and differs from the rest of Jammu & Kashmir. With strong local identity, people are warm, friendly and make great hosts.


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