Must Visit Phuktal Monastery -

Must Visit Phuktal Monastery

Phuktal Monastery is a Buddhist monastery and is located in Lungnak Valley in Zanskar. It is one of the monasteries that can be reached by foot only. Through horses, donkeys and mules, the supplies are transported to the monastery whereas in winter months, it is supplied through frozen Zanskar River. As of now it is only a day’s walk from Dorzang but a road is about to be built up soon leading to Phutkal monastery.

There is a natural cave around Phuktal Monastery that was visited by many sages, translators, scholars and monks around 2, 550 years ago. The location was perfect for the serenity and tranquility and was chosen by the monks to meditate. The Phuktal Gompa that you see presently was established in 15th century.

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