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Known for the Tibetan Buddhist cultural heritage, as the link to Tibet is strong, Ladakh has innumerable gomphas or monasteries dating back to 11th to 17th centuries. Tibetan influence is pronounced and manifests in the prayer books, pantheon of Buddha reincarnations.


Though most of the religious books are in Tibetan language, the references to the culture are strong in the murals, art work and illustrations that cover the walls of the monasteries. Each of the murals and wall hangings are invariably linked with the different incarnations of Buddha, making the walls colourful and intriguing.


The architecture of Ladakh is equally mesmerizing with equal measure of Indian d Tibetan monastic style evident in the monasteries and residential communities. The deep Buddhist approach is evident and dragon along with the Buddhist wheel is a common design at most monasteries. Along with the impact of religion on the lives of the people, music and dance is an integral part of their lives. Religious mask dances are important aspect along with religious chants in Sanskrit and Tibetan languages.


The resonating drums and low chants are a part of Yang chanting. Skilled at holistic medicines, the traditional Tibetan medicine is an amalgamation of Chinese and Ayurveda, with centuries of being adapted into the lifestyle. The unique culture cradled in surreal landscapes has evolved into a vibrant and predominantly Buddhist lifestyle, alluring to people all over the world.

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