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Trekking in Ladakh is an incredible experience. The numerous treks like Chadar trek, Markha Valley trek and Spituk to Stok trek are few of the enthralling and exciting treks, which will surely give you the lingering memories forever. These trekking routes cover the isolated hamlets, picturesque mountains, beautiful waterfalls, remote valleys, panoramic vistas, natural canvas and untouched & unspoiled nature. It gives you unique glimpses of different kind of Ladakh. These treks give you a spellbinding experience like no other! You can also get the chance to spot wildlife like blue sheep and some stories about the legends and different places from amicable locals.

Some of these treks are open during summer while others are accessible during winter only. Treks in Ladakh are of various difficulty levels from moderate to high. Thus, it is always better to acquaint yourself with the required information about particular trek so that you may relish to the fullest.

So, buckle up to trek through these epic treks and unravel the beauty of majestic Leh-Ladakh.

Best Adventure Trekking Tours Packages in Ladakh

Frozen River Chadar Trek

Markha Valley Trek

Lamayuru Alchi Trek

Rumtse Tso Moriri Trek

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