Why Should You Add Chemday Monastery in Leh Ladakh on Your Bucket List? -

Why Should You Add Chemday Monastery in Leh Ladakh on Your Bucket List?

Are you planning 14 days/15 nights Ladakh tour package or may be 7 nights/8 days Ladakh tour package? No matter which tour you are about to finalize, one thing is for sure that you add Chemday monastery to your bucket list.

Chemday monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in India. It was commissioned by great Lama, Stagsang Raschen and Sengge Namgyal. This monastery was built in 17th century and is located high on mountain side in Chemday village, Leh. It is surrounded with natural beauty that makes it worth visiting. At present, 300 monks reside within the monastery. The archaic yet amazing monastery is worth watching for each traveller. There is also an infamous sanctified picture of Padmasambhava as it is a large image. Besides this monastery, there is a huge range of beautifully built shrines within monastery complex.

Chemday monastery is well known for Chemday Wangchuk festival. It is an annual two-day affair that falls on ninth month of Tibetan calendar. During the festival celebrations, a sacred and sanctified mask dance is performed. Outsiders can also participate in the celebrations. The first day is spent with performances while the second day is kept for ‘Mandala Puja’.

Famous for its architecture, Chemday monastery is a multi-storey building which is more than 350 years old. Its artistic work has been preserved just because of consistent efforts of Buddhist followers. A huge range of beautiful shrines also lie within the monastery complex. A holy image of Padmasambhava is the major attraction of Chemday monastery as it covers one storey of it. Within the monastery complex, there is a huge residential complex where around 300 monks reside.

So, don’t forget to visit Chemday monastery on your next expedition to Leh- Ladakh.

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